Or anywhere, really

Aristide flees

He’s gone to the Dominican Republic, it seems. He’s seeking asylum in Morocco, Taiwan, or Panama. Why these three countries? I have no idea.

6 responses to “Or anywhere, really

  1. Diverse, huh? Maybe it depends on how much fuel is left in the private jet’s tank?

  2. Tatterdemalian

    What’s sad is that the majority of Haitians were, and still are, pro-Aristide. There were no actual irregularities in the disputed election that started the civil war; the accusations are turning out to have been invented by those who lost elections (and had their supporters boycott them in an attempt to make them look rigged) and now are leading the rebel army.

    It’s a classic case of sore losers using violence to set up their own government, and the majority of the population lacking the courage to do what it takes to stop them until it’s way too late.

  3. But Taiwan and Morocco are in different directions from Haiti!

    I can’t judge, Tatt. What I do know is that Aristide did arm these thugs originally and it’s not surprising that it eventually came back to bite him. It’s a bad scene, not helped by the presence of a Republican administration that only cares about Haiti so far as it comes to keeping Haitians away from the US.

  4. Tatterdemalian

    He supposedly armed them to replace the army, after he disbanded it after their coup attempt in 2000. They promptly began engaging in even worse atrocities than the army did, in Aristide’s name, and when word got back to Aristide what the new thugs were doing, he tried to disband them as well, with predictable results.

    Now Aristide is claiming the Americans kidnapped him and dragged him out of his mansion at Port-au-Prince, apparently in an effort to get his supporters (who are now engaged in constant battles with the rebels) to oppose the US-led intervention, maybe even joining forces with the rebels. That’s third-world gratitude for you…

  5. The vatican forbids a Priest from serving in the US Congress when a Jesuit was elected in Massachusettes. I wish that clergy were banned from secualr office eevrywhere, though Aristide and Mugabe are both ex-priests. mayeb we should gather up the most radical priests in the US and send them to Baffin island and take ebst on which would get them first, the polar bears or the cold.

    I recall Duvalier was nowhere near as awful as Aristide.

  6. Baby Doc Duvalier was far worse; the tonton macoutes were under his direct control and they were awful — voudoun mafiosi. And the father was probably worse than the son. Aristide was more out of his depth.

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