They do deserve each other

Deutsch, Klayman pick up endorsements

One of the candidates in the fabulously insane Republican US Senate race in Florida is Larry Klayman, the wacko Clinton-hunter from Judicial Watch. (Klayman is the sort of guy who campaigns on complaining about lawsuit abuse when he files more nuisance suits than anyone.) And he’s been endorsed by St. Roy Moore!

Moore said Klayman would “fight against corruption and immorality in our government, and the imposition of a secular society in our land.” Klayman was endorsed Thursday by former presidential candidate Alan Keyes, who called him “a conservative leader in the mode of Ronald Reagan to lead the fight for morality and ethics.” Former U.S. Rep. Bob Barr of Georgia has also signaled his help.

That’s a fun group, isn’t it? Roy, Larry, Bob, and Alan.

3 responses to “They do deserve each other

  1. I was looking at the article and I saw soemthing really odd. Former New Hampshire Senator Bob Smith is running for that seat. Maybe I’m weird, but i find that funny.

  2. I hear he’s put out materials that make it sound like he’s an incumbent Florida senator. Surely even Florida voters aren’t that dumb.

  3. Well maybe he an create an Everyman image since his name is Bob Smith 🙂 Of course he’s huge. I think that would be the fist time a US Senator served in two states. The closest we have to that is a Nrth Carolina Senator who is married to a former Kansas Senator and master of dry humor.

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