Daily Archives: March 2, 2004

Mooncrete a reality

UAH tests moon dust in concrete

Obviously, with it costing thousands of dollars an ounce to bring moondust to the Earth, using it for concrete here isn’t very practical. But it would come in handy on the moon, especially since getting concrete up there is even more expensive. And concrete is a practical building material, of course.

By the way, I’d like to point out that the scientist doing this work, and proposing that concrete be used to construct any moonbase, was born in Syria. Occasionally, some nice news does come out of that part of the world.

Degrading reality shows (Arab style!)

Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Reality TV grips and enrages Arab world

MediaGuardian.co.uk | Broadcast | Arab Big Brother pulled amid protests

The last bastion of morality on TV, turns out, has not fallen. On Air, Together was supposed to whittle down eight women to get a finalist who would win a husband approved by viewers. However, at the end of the show the winner locked herself in her room until she was flown back to her home in Algeria. The Arab Big Brother meanwhile, was pulled off the air after one showing for “indecency”, what with only one of the women wearing a chador and with unrelated men and women sleeping under the same roof.

All networks will, I assume, go back to airing anti-Semitic miniseries based on The Protocols of the Elders of Zion.

My birthday present

Tuscaloosa area may get fourth Publix store

The Publix store in Northport, a mile from my house, opens March 17. My birthday! I am really getting sick of these tiny little Tuscaloosa “supermarkets”.

Faith Healing

Baptist to shed three hospitals

Alabama’s Baptist Health System isn’t making enough money, apparently, and will sell two hospitals and drop the lease on a third. Why does a religion need to make a profit? I have no idea. It’s probably some sort of Baptist thing.

Alabaster skin

City bans public nudity for profit

The city of Alabaster wants to make sure nobody builds a strip club there even though nobody has actually tried to build one yet. I assume nudity for charity is still okay?