Daily Archives: March 3, 2004

Florida’s tax dollars at work

AP Wire | 03/02/2004 | Backers of ‘GloFish’ postpone try for California approval

Something I hadn’t realized… One of the backers of the genetically modified bioluminescent “glofish” is the Florida Department of Agriculture. Why?

It’s hard to see how glofish could really be a danger to native fish stocks. The modifications seem likely to make the fish less able to compete. I tend to think that the real reason for California’s ban is that they think GM is icky.

Great Moments in Sequels

So this came across my desk recently. Oops!

That’s what we do

CNN.com – Kerry, Democrats look to election – Mar. 3, 2004

As a political party, we’re pretty much always looking to one election or another. That’s politics!

I don’t think Kerry will choose Edwards as his running mate; presidential candidates rarely choose their former rivals. I think Bill Richardson’s got the inside track.

Time to unite, folks. Ignore Ralph Nader for now; the odds are he isn’t a concern. Let’s beat Bush.

That’s certain to work

Rudolph’s defense calls death penalty unconstitutional

Wow, calling the death penalty unconstitutional! What a brilliant legal strategy! I wonder why nobody ever thought of it before.

Federal death penalty, of course. But I figure that if the Federal penalty were found unconstitutional, we could always try him on state murder charges.

This is fun

Feuding Sykes aides fired

Every city needs at least one crazy city council member, and Birmingham’s is Gwen Sykes. Her latest escapade was to allow two of her aides to public feud and so disrupt City Hall that they were removed by police two weeks ago. She didn’t discipline them or make any moves to stop them, so the city council fired them. Sykes wasn’t present for the vote.