Daily Archives: March 5, 2004

Who cares?

washingtonpost.com: Martha Stewart Convicted on All Counts

Honestly, why is this the biggest story in the world? Am I missing something?

(UPDATE: You’re not alone, Ezra.)

Troll of the day

War Liberal: Blaming Canada — again

Is “drakken”, who at least chose a post on the front page rather than Googling for someone to abuse.

Also, apparently I’m a hippie. Groovy.

Blaming Canada — again

The Sardonic Subversive: They weren’t carrying f#$%ing passports…

Six Canada Geese were hit by an airliner in Texas. Except that the FAA calls them “Canadian Geese”. Or maybe they were Canadian geese by nationality? You can’t trust Canadian birds. We may have to close the border.

Up yours, PETA

CNN.com – Got milk? Overweight kids may need it – Mar. 5, 2004

One of that group’s more asinine stands has been against dairy products. They’ve claimed, among other things, that drinking milk leads to obesity. Turns out that it’s the opposite. Oops!

Prince of Wales Fish

BBC NEWS | Science/Nature | Charles warns on vanishing fish

Prince Charles — who is more influential than I, I guess, but no more powerful — has come out against overfishing. He suggests, among other things, the dreaded market solutions to the problem.

Thankfully, we’re all perfectly safe

Chemical weapons facility fails test

The Army just doesn’t understand why everyone’s so worked up about this little chemical weapons disposal facility of theirs. I mean, so they seem to have a sarin leak once a week. And so they failed Federal pollution guidelines for PCBs. Hey, they’re the Army! Nobody’s been killed yet, so it’s a win as far as they’re concerned.

Meddling kids

Local students see fruit of their labors

Some third graders have lobbied the Alabama Senate into voting the blackberry the state fruit. It should have been the peach, but they decided, from the height of their eight-year-old wisdom, that we shouldn’t have the same state fruit as Georgia. Blackberries, ick. Another group of kids from the same school previously forced through the salamander as the state amphibian, but which salamander? There are lots of salamanders.