Daily Archives: March 7, 2004

I didn’t do it

Sharing the blame for death of Christ

Every week, the University of South Alabama does another poll. Sometimes, there’s not much going on, so they take polls like “Who is to blame for the execution of Jesus of Nazareth?”


7 percent blame the Jews.
10 percent blame the Romans.
64 percent blame the entire human race.

All I know is that I didn’t have anything to do with it.

Anyway, there’s lots of other stuff here:

58 percent have a “very favorable or “somewhat favorable” opinion of Judaism, while 11 percent said their opinion is “somewhat unfavorable” or “very unfavorable.”

30 percent would be “somewhat uneasy” or “very uneasy” if a close relative converted to Judaism, but 61 percent said they would be “not uneasy at all.”

16 percent “strongly agree” or “agree” that Christians and Jews believe in different deities; 64 percent said they would “disagree” or “strongly disagree” with that notion.

76 percent said they know “a little,” “some” or “a lot” about Jewish teaching and doctrine; 23 said they knew “nothing at all” about the faith.

21 percent said they didn’t know or gave no answer when asked whether they agreed or disagreed with the claim by Mel Gibson’s father that the Holocaust was greatly exaggerated. Three percent said they agreed with Gibson’s father, and 76 percent said they disagreed with him.

Three percent? Not too bad, considering the state. I don’t know how 21 percent couldn’t answer, though.

Art? Art?

Cockfighting: Some see art, others savagery

Nothing more artistic than seeing a bird peck another bird to death. The state’s cockfighting ban is doing wonders, really. Only a couple of bird trainers were willing to be quoted at length describing their methods in this story.

Bird Flu update

Mainland resumes Macao chicken exports

Bird flu seems to have settled down in Asia. There haven’t been any reports of major new outbreaks recently and as the weather warms up I assume the worst has passed. Until next year.

Avian Flu Found on Maryland Chicken Farm

No surprise that it would show up in Maryland after being spotted in Pennsylvania and New Jersey already. It’s the same strain and supposedly not a problem for humans.

Poultry News: Avian Influenza in Canada – Brought to you by ThePoultrySite

Press release. This was British Columbia and I guess related more to the periodic outbreaks in California than anywhere else.