Daily Archives: March 9, 2004

Troll of the day

War Liberal: NEWS.com.au | Nuns ‘raped orphans’:

Today’s troll left their message unsigned. What we do know is (a) they don’t know the difference between someone reporting on a story and a participant in the story, and (b) they don’t know how to spell “pedophile”.

Squeaky Wheel

I’m back on the blogroll.

UPDATE: And now I’m gone again. Grrr.

Can’t hurt, I guess

Meryl points to an E Online poll to save one TV show. Most of those shows are on the bubble, but Angel has already been cancelled; let’s change the WB’s (for lack of a better word) “mind”.

The Delinked By Matthew Yglesias Club

Big Media Matt put up a new template and took the opportunity to cut out a bunch of us peons from his blogroll. So I’m starting a club for people publicly scorned by this move. Club activities:

— Making up stories about Matt and sending them to Wonkette. (“Saw Matthew Yglesias — I think it was him — throwing rocks at the National Cathedral.”)

— Asking him to keep changing his template colors and fonts. (“I really think you should go with a salmon background. And get some serifs.”)

— Sucking up to Atrios.

— Pointing out typos.

UPDATE: See what whining can do for you?

Maize, not wheat

Britain Gives Cautious Green Light to GM Corn

Funny that Reuters, a British company, on its British website, uses “corn” to refer to maize. You’ll all be speaking American soon enough!

Anyway, if there’s a crop that you’re going to allow genetic modification on, it’s corn. The plant’s been so messed with the slow way that it barely bears any resemblance to its wild ancestor. And corn can’t even reproduce without human help. Unless you’re a nut, it should be pretty easy to see that this isn’t a threat to the environment. (Indeed, GM food is probably the best hope for saving the environment. “Simple farming methods” have destroyed more fertile land than industry ever has.) Furthermore, if you’re going to feed six billion people, you have to take some shortcuts.

Get used to it

The Miami Herald | 03/09/2004 | Kerry visits South Florida

You’re going to be spending a lot of time there over the next eight months, Senator. I suggest renting a beach house.

Now with added fish oil!

Fish Oil to Fortify Texas Lunch Fare

Some schools in southern Texas are adding fish oils containing omega-3 fatty acids to some of their offerings. (Like “breakfast tacos with bacon and nacho cheese”. For breakfast?) Nutritionists, predictably, are upset because they aren’t making the kiddies eat things they don’t like instead.