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Worldwide Outpouring of Support for our beloved “Angel”

Reading this actually made me choke up. The support this show is getting from around the world, frankly, I have never seen anything like it for any show. I don’t think people were even as impassioned about losing Buffy.

Ot’s amazing to me. Kristin from E Online listed 8-10 queality shows, all with strong followings, a few maybe with slightly higher ratings; but Angel took in 85% of the vote and the funny part, is my gut told me this would happen. There are so many websites, donations, blood drives, rallies, post cards…I have never seen anything like it.

I sent MY post cards but I am thinking I might send another round, if it helps. I am honestly starting to have real hope there will be a 6th season of this show. I can’t imagine that Jordan Levin of the WB can really ignore what amounts to a half million post cards and probably at least a 100,000 bouquets of flowers to help save this show.

I think it also proves several other things I have been saying ad nauseum.

First, ratings are VERY subjective and VERY hard to measure. Nielsen tells you that American Idol is 1st and Angels is like 80th by measuring 1500 people at one time. Imagine if we elected a PRESIDENT like this? Angel supposedly has 3.7 million viewers but there obviously is many more. All the people that don’t have their homes measured, that should be taken into consideration.

Second, this out-pouring of good will and support to save Angel, even for just one more shows proves that people are desperate for excessively well written shows. Not everyone wants 80 new reality ripoffs or 100 versions of Big Borther, American Idol, The Apprentice, Fear Factor or any other reality garbage networks stick down our collective throats.

People are tired of garbage and people with half a brain like US and many other Angel fans, are desperate to keep a few watchable things on the air so we have something worth turning the TV on for. In five years, we may only be watching good, scripted original dramas on Cable if the trend continues and people don’t SPEAK out. I take this out pouring for Angel not just as desperate support for the smartest show on TV, but as an outcry with all the crap that stays on the air in its place. Not just erality shows but 100 versions of CSI & Law & Order and 90+ years of ER. It’s rididculous.

Part of the reason I avoided smart, witty fantasy shows like John Doe & Firefly is because deep down I knew they were going to get screwed. Put in a bad time slot, budget cuts, not supported, and thrown in a waste basket too soon.

Just look at what FOX did to “Tru Calling”. I am amazed its lasted the season. But that’s what happens when a fresh, smart, witty and exciting show is stuck opposite ageless wonders like Survivor and Friends. Tru Calling still has a sliver of hope for next year but FOX appears to be screwing it up. I don’t even know why I am bothering to try a different sort of show like “Wonderfalls” tonight–FOX will probably just screw it as well if it’s really this good.

Whatever happens to “Angel”, I truly am choked up over the absolute lovefest going on all over the world for this show. It’s riveting. The drama as to whether this show possibly getting a last minute stay of execution is almost as exciting as the show itself (though not quite) and you almost feel like this is some last ditch effort to “save the world” by Angel and his crew. Now, if only they will smarten up Jordan Levin of the WB or Dawn Ostroff of UPN the way the powers smartened up Gunn, then we may have a real shot.

I am so proud

SCIFI.COM | Snakehead Terror

Yes, it’s a TV movie about a bunch of people terrorized by man-eating snakehead fish. I quote the Sci-Fi Channel’s description:

Torn from today’s headlines! In an effort to revive their stalled fishing industry and encourage economic growth, the powers-that-be in a small town inject human growth hormones into the local lake. As a result, the lake’s fish mutate into predatory, flesh-eating monsters able to leave the water and set out on dry land to hunt for food. Now it’s up to the local sheriff (Bruce Boxleitner of Babylon 5) to stop the creatures from dining on the civilian population. Former Sports Illustrated Swimsuit supermodel Carol Alt and The X-Files’ Smoking Man, William B. Davis, co-star.

Airs Saturday, March 13, at 9PM & 1AM ET/PT

Torn from the headlines! Remember when all those kids were ripped apart by predatory fish?

(Hat tip: Andrew.)

Sliver of hope

Angel Not Dead Yet?

I don’t really think this is likely, but supposedly the WB is reconsidering its cancellation of Angel and talks are underway with Fox (the studio) and Mutant Enemy (the production company). It’s likely a chimera, but any hope is good hope.

The wildcard might be Rupert’s Sky One satellite network, which supposedly has been told that it can expect a sixth season. Buffy and Angel have always been more popular in Britain than the US — they might have more viewers in absolute terms, despite the far smaller population — and maybe Fox here would take a hit on the production to finance a NewsCorp company overseas. Be nice for “synergy” to work for good, for once.

Long, long, long

Wheel Of Time Optioned

You think the Lord of the Rings movies are long? The Wheel of Time series is eleven long books and Jordan’s not done yet. You could make an entire TV series and take it to syndication, easy. Not that I’m suggesting anyone do that. God, no.

You probably already know this…

But visit Iberian Notes for your on-the-ground news from Spain.

Bet he didn’t see that one coming

Sceptic versus psychic – National – www.theage.com.au

An Australian illusionist — who uses the same techniques as John Edward and has a similar show, but admits that he has no psychic abilities — has complained to Australia Consumer Affairs (a government agency, I suppose) in order to get Edward to either prove his abilities or admit the scam. I wish him good luck, but don’t bet on his succeeding. Actually, the stories were reported in late February, Edward was scheduled to start his Australian tour March 2, and nothing’s been reported.

I really hate Edward’s guts, by the way. Vulture.

I don’t take it back

CNN.com – Spain media: ETA denies bombing – Mar 12, 2004

ETA is a group of bastards. But it increasingly appears they weren’t directly responsible for the atrocity. (That they helped out in some way is still possible.)

Some, no doubt, will blame the Aznar government and its close ties with Bush and Blair. I do not. For geographic and historical reasons, Spain is going to be a target for Islamists. Osama bin Laden in particular is an irredentalist and wants to reclaim Spain for Islam.