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The Machine lives

New SGA president says he’ll disprove stereotype

The University of Alabama student president swears he’s not just the candidate of the fraternity alliance (“The Machine”) and that he’ll represent all students. I now give you a picture of the young man:


Uh-huh, right. Apparently he’s a different type of fratboy because he’s wearing a blue tie with his blazer instead of a red one.

Unfortunately, only 69 people voted for the guy who campaigned on the abolish-the-SGA platform.

What a fucking asshole

The life and unexplained death of a Palestinian militant – Robert Fisk: 11 March 2004

Ol’ Fiskie is all broken up about the death of murdering terrorist Mohammed Abbas. Somebody beat him up again, please.

(Via Silent Running.)

I am reminded of a story

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A riddle for you:

I was reading a newspaper, about eight years ago. The neighborhood section had a story about the most crime-infested area in the region. There was a little map pointing to the center of the infestation. It had an arrow pointing to my house.

Ah, censorship

Topless club owner charged with making porn for profit

It appears that it’s okay to have a topless club, but not to film porn there. In Alabama, anyway. Just wanted to clear that up.

“I stand by my hate.”

King: Anti-gay remarks reflect current position

I give our new Attorney General this much: given the chance to repudiate the editorials he wrote when he was young and immature and in law school, he refused. On the other hand, he says that his language was intemperate. In other words, he really does believe that gays are evil, but he wouldn’t say that. At least, not in so many words.

Here’s my intemperate remark: I believe that this reflects the attitude of many politicians on the religious right, who won’t say what they believe because they know the people in general won’t like it. This time, we have evidence.

Troy King, by the way, is such a moron that he didn’t know in 1992 that AIDS could be contracted any way but homosexual sex.