Daily Archives: March 14, 2004

Another $31.6 million

Between 250 million & climbing at the box office for “The Passion” and another horrific suicide bombing in Israel, it’s been a tough weekend for my people.

I may need a new category for this guy

New AG says faith is fine in public square

Troy King posts the Ten Commandments in his office. (No matter how long I live, I will never understand the right-wing obsession with the Ten Commandments.) He developed the compromise display in the Capitol that incorporates the Commandments with other documents. He refuses to comment on Pryor’s prosecution of St. Roy Moore.

Come to think of it… “Troy” and “Roy” are practically the same name. And “Roy” is the French word for “King”! Oh my God, he’s Roy Moore in disguise!

Alive, alive-o?

Saving the shell game

Alabama has the world’s densest population of freshwater mollusks. Unfortunately, a lot of those mollusks have gone extinct or are getting there. Alabama has a lot of rivers, hence all the mollusks, but also hence a lot of dams. Most of the state’s snail and mussel species are now confined to creeks and streams because the rivers aren’t friendly to them anymore. Biologists are trying to save them now, but typically the state’s efforts lag behind those in other parts of the country.