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Somebody shoot Eisner already

Muppets Head For Oz

Leave it to Disney to destroy two beloved childhood memories. They’re planning a TV movie version of The Wizard of Oz starring the Muppets. They think there will be one human character, most likely Dorothy. Who would be the most horrific pick for this role? Jessica Simpson, maybe?

Actual law professor analysis

The Volokh Conspiracy

Eugene Volokh disagrees with the prosecutor who charged two UU ministers for marrying a gay couple:

I think the arrests are quite unsound. Clergy are not in fact state officials. They are indeed delegated a certain degree of government power (potentially itself troublesome, though certainly historically well-sanctioned). But here the government’s point is that this power doesn’t include the power to engage in same-sex marriage. The ministers are therefore not exercising government power. Nor are they likely to dupe anyone (either the parties to the marriage, or bystanders) into thinking that the marriage is valid — there’s no danger that people will wrongly thank the ministers have indeed exercised government power. Everyone knows that the ceremony is purely a combination of religious ceremony and political protest, and not the actual creation of a governmentally recognized marriage.

Rather, the ministers are doing two things: (1) speaking certain words, and (2) performing a religious ceremony while doing so. The only thing that makes a minister’s conducting a same-sex marriage into purportedly illegal “solemnization” is that it involves words being said by a minister.

This looks like your typical overzealous prosecutor to me. Any number of ministers in New York have quite openly performed gay marriages using the standard “power vested in me” line, and nobody thought for one second they were doing anything illegal.

Quick, it’s Paris Hilton! Shoot!

Governor greets celebrity hunters

No, unfortunately, it’s “hunters who are celebrities”, not “people who hunt celebrities”, invited to the Third Annual Alabama Governorís One-Shot Turkey Hunt. No, wait. The most famous person involved is country singer Troy Gentry, whom I’ve barely heard of, followed by a stock car driver, Jeff Greene, I’ve never heard of, so it’s not that either. Maybe they’ll shoot turkeys that look like celebrities.

Disagree again with you, Mac on Kerry & Europe


That’s an insipid and insanely rotten way to put this.

It’s damn sure for for the White House to ask Mr. Kerry to ‘name names’ because if John Kerry is going to make BOLD statements like that, back it up with fact.

The fact is, I do believe that almost all European countries want Kerry as President because it’s what they believe is best for their shitty countries. They don’t give a rat;s ass about the US and the safety of the world.

The Euros follow the U.N. and their Arabic lapdogs panting after them to do whatever they say and just keep condemning Israel, the US, and Britain like clockwork.

No this is NOT to say i am voting for Bush or don’t necessarily think kerry is the better option. I am undecided right now. I am an independent waiting until November to cast my vote.

However, the motives of the European countries always sicken me. Particularly the grease monkeys in France & Germany. We are supposed to take foreign policy from the queens of surrender, the French, or the kings of murder, the Germans? really? When did this start?

I have no doubt that Europe is holding nightly candlelit vigils for John Kerry to win, but if Kerry announces something like that, BACK IT UP OR SHUT UP.

Counterpoint to Mac

Mac, I laugh when you keep referring to the “mistakes” I made on the argument over SPAIN.

Personally, you are the one desperate to buy into liberal rhetoric. Socialism is dangerous and the fact that ANOTHER European country is going backwards is scary & very worrisome.

You have every right to disagree with me (especially with it being your birthday tomorrow), but DISAGREE with me–don’t just say I am wrong when there’s absolutely overwhelming evidence favoring MY position and NOT yours.

It’s also easy to get your fellow too far left friends like Haggai on board–big surprise there. I am sure Haggai, despite being Israeli, would hand over Israel in a second to terrorists hearing some of his views.

Hello, Ashland!

AU packed for judge – mansfieldnewsjournal.com

The tour hits Ashland, Ohio. Not since the Billy Joel/Elton John tour have such similar legends shared the stage. On the right, there was former Chief Justice Roy Moore, on break from portraying “Troy King”. And on the right, there was local county judge James DeWeese, who put up a framed poster of the Ten Commandments in his courtroom and surely hopes it’ll do for his political career what it did for St. Roy.

As for St. Roy, he now says that acknowledging God is actually “the very purpose of the First Amendment”. Wackier and wackier. I really don’t know how far he can take this, but I’m hoping to find out.


War Liberal: The Consequences of this past week in Spain

Alex, of course, is free to write whatever he wants. (Well, almost anything — nothing that’s going to get me sued or shut down by the DHS.) But I strongly disagree with his take (also the popular rightist take, in the blogosphere and without) on the Spanish election. Perhaps this is the result that al-Qaeda desired. However, it would not have happened except for the Aznar government’s inept handling of the post 3-11 situation.

Why did the Socialists win? I don’t think it was because of the Iraq war, or because of the Madrid bombing itself. The vote went the way it did, from everything I can tell, because Aznar tried to spin the bombing as coming from ETA, and lost the remaining trust of the electorate when further details surfaced. If he’d handled things better, he probably could have survived the vote.

Moreover, I reject the proposal that Western democratic elections should be held hostage to appearances and that we have to elect the most right-wing reactionaries we can find or the terrorists win. Citizens in a democracy have the right to vote for whomever they want; if they want Socialists, fine. The Socialists are a mainstream party in Spain, as they are throughout Western Europe. Germany is Socialist, and Tony Blair’s Labour Party theoretically is as well though he governs as a Clinton-style centrist. This isn’t like electing Dennis Kucinich; it’s like electing a mainstream Democrat (though the Democrats are further to the right on most matters than even British Labour — or for that matter the French Gaullists.)

Finally, Alex makes the same mistake many others have made in claiming that this is a rebuke to the prosecution of the War on Terror. It is not. If it’s a rebuke to any war — and I disagree, as stated above — it’s a rebuke to the singular Iraqi war, which had only the most tangential links to terrorism. I say this as a (reluctant) supporter of the Iraq War — though one who never imagined Bush would screw up the politics of it like he has. The Socialists have already said that they won’t withdraw from Afghanistan, which is in keeping with the broad support for taking down al-Qaeda.

1 terrorist, 5 lawyers

Two more attorneys named to Rudolph team

I guess three wasn’t enough. One is former judge, law school dean, and mayoral candidate Emory Anthony; the other a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in capital cases. They’re giving Rudolph every chance to save his skin.

Take that, ozone!

Ozone fight succeeds

It took 26 years, but Jefferson and Shelby counties are finally coming off the EPA’s ozone watch list. Just in time for the new, tougher standards that go in place next month! Still, for the next month, feel free to pollute all you want, Birmingham. You’ve earned it.


CNN.com – White House to Kerry: Name names – Mar 16, 2004

The White House wants to know which foreign leaders have told John Kerry they want him to win so they know which countries they need to retaliate against.