Disagree again with you, Mac on Kerry & Europe


That’s an insipid and insanely rotten way to put this.

It’s damn sure for for the White House to ask Mr. Kerry to ‘name names’ because if John Kerry is going to make BOLD statements like that, back it up with fact.

The fact is, I do believe that almost all European countries want Kerry as President because it’s what they believe is best for their shitty countries. They don’t give a rat;s ass about the US and the safety of the world.

The Euros follow the U.N. and their Arabic lapdogs panting after them to do whatever they say and just keep condemning Israel, the US, and Britain like clockwork.

No this is NOT to say i am voting for Bush or don’t necessarily think kerry is the better option. I am undecided right now. I am an independent waiting until November to cast my vote.

However, the motives of the European countries always sicken me. Particularly the grease monkeys in France & Germany. We are supposed to take foreign policy from the queens of surrender, the French, or the kings of murder, the Germans? really? When did this start?

I have no doubt that Europe is holding nightly candlelit vigils for John Kerry to win, but if Kerry announces something like that, BACK IT UP OR SHUT UP.

12 responses to “Disagree again with you, Mac on Kerry & Europe

  1. Queens of Surrender? Yeah, right.

  2. As for why the PP lost the Spanish election, this is well-known and simply being ignored by right-wingers.


    “I really think what the key issue here is the handling or mishandling of public information in the 48 hours after the tragic events of last Thursday. I think it bears mentioning that the election was a statistical dead heat, according to public polls the morning of the tragedy on Thursday morning well within the margin of error, one or two points. And it was really not until Saturday evening, as Keith in your set-up shared with us, that the government decided to come forward with information as to the arrest of these five suspects linked to al-Qaida.”

  3. Every survey of Public opinion in other countries I”ve heard recently has put the opinion of the US way down (or unfavorable ratings up) from where it was before bush took over.

    For instance, we really need TUrkey, as a moderate Islamic state, to be on board with us. But Bush and his incredibly inept handling of Turkey pre-Iraq war has just destroyed the perception of the US in Turkey.

    Turks used to hold the US very favorably. Now they don’t.

    So, any turkish leader who wants to work with the US has a much harder time of it now than pre-Bush.


    Public opinion in our greatest ally, the UK, has slipped too.

    Bush has turned the populus of many nations in the world against the US.

    Check out the recent survey:

    Add up “unfavorable” and “somewhat unfavorable” in the “Anti-American views” table down a bit on the right. In almost every case the negative view of the US is increased from Summer 2002.

    “America’s image abroad remains negative in most nations, though it has improved somewhat in Russia, Turkey, and Pakistan. ”

    But still in turkey 63% are unfavorable or somehwat unfavorable (up from 55% in 2002). In Russia it’s 44% (up from 33% in 2002)

    An adept leader would do what he wanted and bring people along, not piss off everyone else in the world.

    And for those leaders who WANT to work with the US, Bush is an albatross around their necks. He pisses their electorates off.


  4. Oh, and look very close to the bottom of that page. Bush has unfavorable ratings over 50% in every foreign country they surveyed.

    Bush Unfavorable rating:
    57 Britain
    85 France
    85 Germany
    60 Russia
    67 Turkey
    67 Pakistan
    96 Jordan
    90 Morocco

    Ok, so “old europe” doesn’t like bush, and the righties seem to think we somehow needed to piss them off or something because they’re “Euroweenies.” That’s utter crap of course, but it seems to be their only argument. But Morocco? Turkey? Russia?

    Why piss off everyone in the world? Because that’s just Bush’s style.

    He’s a uniter , not a divider. He’s uniting the world in hatred of the United States.


  5. I just heard an interview (on a Canadian radio program) with a Socialist member of the Spanish Parliament; he was careful to make the distinction between not liking GWB and not liking the US. I suspect that’s the norm throughout most of Europe.

  6. Keef – you are so full of sh*t.

    The stupid euroweenies are only able to pursue their utopian elitist ideals because of the security provided by the US NATO forces – which is why Rumsfield is ready to pull the plug on bases in Europe.

    Would you rather be happily clueless and think that everyone loves us – or have partners have to make hard choices and deal w/ North Korea and Libya such that it makes a difference – or a “pretend” peace ala Clinton.

    Grow up.

  7. Is that a Little Green Football logo in the upper left hand corner of the page? I would have sworn I typed in the URL for War Liberal so how the hell did I wind up here? Some kind of link redirection or something?

  8. Tatterdemalian

    Funny how Turkey is continuing to suffer terrorist attacks from Al-Qaeda, despite being so opposed to the Bush Administration.

    I’m pretty sure the same will happen to Spain. Al-Qaeda is not dissuaded by appeasement, it is encouraged by it.

  9. NotKeef:

    “The stupid euroweenies are only able to pursue their utopian elitist ideals because of the security provided by the US NATO forces – which is why Rumsfield is ready to pull the plug on bases in Europe.”

    Wow, what a load of bilge.

    Well, NotKeef, convince the Euroweenies of that. And that includes the Spanish, the British, and the Germans.

    All of whom have a populus who hate George Bush.

    If you just wanna yell at them, then yell away. But an electorate who hates G. Bush won’t give you a break — monetarily or politically.

    So, NotKeef, you should open your wallet to George Bush so you can pay for what our allies have paid for in the past. I guess paying billions of dollars for George W. Bush’s failures is just fine by you.

    Having the world’s populus hate the US comes at a dollar cost. It’s not just bluster with no impact on your wallet.

    So, open your wallet to GW bush, NotKeef.


  10. Tatterdemalion wrote:
    “Funny how Turkey is continuing to suffer terrorist attacks from Al-Qaeda, despite being so opposed to the Bush Administration.

    I’m pretty sure the same will happen to Spain. Al-Qaeda is not dissuaded by appeasement, it is encouraged by it.”

    I think that doesn’t matter to Al Qaeda. They will kill any westerners they can.

    If and when they can kill in America, they’ll do it.

    So, I guess, tatterdemalian, if people are killed in the US, you’ll figure that the US is encouraging it? NO– you’ll figure that Al Qaeda will kill westerners no matter what.

    Appeasement, rigor, invading a country or not invading it, whatever. Al Qaeda will just be an insane bastard and try to kill westerners.

    The West should have a strategy that is independent of any reflexes of Al Qaeda. We should killl and capture all of them.

    Unfortunately, diverting most of the US military to invade Iraq did nothing to quell Al Qaeda.

    So, we’re stuck with the failure of G.W. Bush.

    Diverting military recourses to invade Iraq rather than killing Al Qaeda and its relatives.

    Sad but true.

  11. Tatterdemalian

    How many have Al-Qaeda killed in America since the War on Terror started?

    How many have Al-Qaeda killed in Saudi Arabia since the War on Terror was condemned there?

    There is a difference, and to pretend there is none is completely disingenuous. Al-Qaeda would like to kill all Westerners, but they strongly perfer, almost to the point of single-mindedness, to kill those who they think do not present any danger to them.

    That, in fact, is what makes them terrorists, and conversely, makes the War in Iraq anything but a terrorist act. People are saying that Iraq was no danger to the US, but we had every reason to think they were a danger to us, and indeed, many even thought that our invasion of Iraq would result in US forces being slaughtered by the “true strength of a people with their back to a wall.” (Quote from Robert Fisk, can’t find the article though.) We may have been mistaken, but it was an honest mistake. We took on a percieved threat, rather than avoiding any percieved threats and only attacking those we thought would not retaliate.

    That is the difference between a hero and a terrorist. I suggest you remember that, because often heroes have to take actions similar to those terrorists take, and if you can’t tell the difference, then you’ll end up being Osama’s bitch, and not even realize it until way too late.

  12. Alex, please be civil, okay?

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