Daily Archives: March 16, 2004

1 terrorist, 5 lawyers

Two more attorneys named to Rudolph team

I guess three wasn’t enough. One is former judge, law school dean, and mayoral candidate Emory Anthony; the other a San Francisco lawyer who specializes in capital cases. They’re giving Rudolph every chance to save his skin.

Take that, ozone!

Ozone fight succeeds

It took 26 years, but Jefferson and Shelby counties are finally coming off the EPA’s ozone watch list. Just in time for the new, tougher standards that go in place next month! Still, for the next month, feel free to pollute all you want, Birmingham. You’ve earned it.


CNN.com – White House to Kerry: Name names – Mar 16, 2004

The White House wants to know which foreign leaders have told John Kerry they want him to win so they know which countries they need to retaliate against.

The Consequences of this past week in Spain

I don’t know if most Americans care or realize the ramifications of everything that has happened in Spain the past week.

First, it’s become clear a few things. Al Qaeda is behind the bombing of the 2 trains.

Second, the bombing was DELIBERATE in it’s timing with the Spanish elections only a few days away and the conservative (one of the few) Prime Minister of Spain being one of the few countries supporting (rightfully so, folks) the United States in a just, extremely just war against terror. Which by the way, terror is wrong, it/s bad. you are supposed to fight it. Listening far left? I am A MODERATE.

Third, the insanity of the Spanish people choosing to elect a Socialist when their Pri Minister had done the ‘right thing’ and backed the U.S. further speaks volumes about the idiotic mindsets of Euros (and why most of them are Euro trash) and how the U.S. will soon only have England and Israel left in helping it combat terror around the world. It’s very scary.

This is like the United States choosing Dennis Kucinich for President. Do any college educated people really think little, psychotic Kucinich would make a good leader? Good, then you can pay for my moving expenses to MARS.

The point is, I am a registered Democrat and a true middle of the road moderate and why do I have to be a Republican to realize that capturing and killing terrorists is a good thing? Why are the Spanish people not patriotic about their own country enough to back their leader in beating back the terrorists? Why do they have to act like Chirac and France or Schroeder & Germany?

The biggest ramifications are that not only is a solid European country, one of the few FAIR thinking ones, now run by a Socialist, (does socialism only scare the bejesus out of me?) is that Al Qaeda can waltz into a country, blow shit up, and fix an election. This is a HUGE WIN FOR AL QAEDA, PEOPLE.

John McCain was on MSNBC this morning talking about this very issue and he says that there is real fear about this happening in Britain and here in the U.S. This is called intimidation. Terrorists are evil. These are Islamic fundamentalists who think the people of Spain are just as much infidels as Americans, brits, and Israelis. Why can’t Spain see they have only made the world worse for what they have wrongfully done.

The terrorists network will not feel they can do this anywhere and we will end up with Dennis Kucinich running the White House. Is that what the world needs?

Now observations by someone is Jewish

As someone who IS Jewish, let me make some observations, Michael.

First, let’s look at the man that made “the Passion”, Mel Gibson.

His 85 year old father Hutton has claimed the Holocaust was a HOAX. People cannot control the homes they are brought up in but they can take two paths.

One path can be like Arnold Schwarzaneggar’s, who’s dad was a Nazi symathizer. Arnold, however, has spent his adult life in open, good relaitons with Jewish leaders, going regularly to the Simon Wiesenthal Center and admitting that views he may have had as a young man are not remotely where he is now.

Then you have Mel Gibson. Who wants to make a buck and sells my people down the river to do it. Furthermore, he is wholly unapolgetic for his evil, sadistic portrayel of Jews & his overall dispicable display of violence. Furthermore, he doesn’t remotely refute his father’s views even being given numerous opportunities to DO SO.

So, you & every Christian can attempt to give me this thoughtful, homogenized view of this film, try to justify why it’s not anti-semitic, but it IS. No group is smaller and has more people against them then Jews. Israel, a DEMOCRACY has been demonized with world leaders making backroom U.N. deals to screw Israel out of their right to exsist and leaders making anti-semitic remarks like it’s oxygen.

So you are damned right I am sensitive when some other ‘thoughtful’ Christian comes in and tried to explain why his throughtful wife thought this movie was fair. I am sick of it. This movie is going to make $350 Million and then another $300 million on DVD in 3 months but it’s just another day in 5000 years of this garbage.

But please, let more Christians come in here & tell me how I am supposed to feel the same weekend that the Passion takes #1 at the box office while more innocent Israeli women & children are being murdered by evil Palestinian terrorists.