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Alabama 70, Stanford 67

SI.com – NCAA Basketball – Box Score

Roll Tide.

Hello, Arlington Heights!

Ex-justice speaks message of faith

The tour hit suburban Chicago last night. (I really should do a map.) There’s no report on what he actually said but there are some particularly loony quotes from his local disciples:

“I don’t think it’s right that certain things are taken away from Christians,” Saavedra said. “Everything that has to do with Christmas and Christ gets taken out of the picture.”

“The roots of our country shouldn’t be changed,” Wagner said. “That’s what it seems the judges are trying to do – change the morality of the people of the United States.”

He added the monument should have stayed in the Alabama court.

“The judicial system doesn’t like God because He’s over the judges,” he said. “If they can get rid of the top guy, they’re the top guy.”

Yep, it’s all about Federal judges’ delusions of grandeur. All judges are monsters of ego, except, of course, for Roy Moore, who is the humblest of men.

Which is over

CNN.com – Rallies around the world protest Iraq war – Mar 20, 2004

What else are they protesting, the Thirty Years’ War? The Punic Wars? The Iraq war is just as over.

The Iraq occupation is still going on. But if these people seriously think a withdrawal right now is in the interests of peace, they’re remarkably deluded.

Bad day for blond bimbos

Britney Spears Suffers Knee Injury

Paris Hilton Injured During Show Taping

Britney hurt her knee during a “dance” routine; Paris was kicked by a horse. Good horse.