Daily Archives: March 21, 2004

UAB 76, Kentucky 75

SI.com – NCAA Basketball – Box Score

Teams from the state of Alabama are 4-1 in the NCAA tournament this year, including 2-1 against #1 seeds. What can I say, we’re a basketball state.

What a splendid idea

AP Interview: Seafood leader wants change for fisheries

The head of the American Seafood Distributors Association wants the Agriculture Department to take over regulating the seafood industry, replacing the Commerce Department, because fishermen don’t get the same treatment as farmers. Wouldn’t that be great? The government could pay people to not fish! Certain types of seafood could cost ten times more, guaranteed by massive tariffs! Presidential candidates would be forced to suck up to fishermen!

One pheasant day

Outdoors: Gridiron rivals reunite for Alabama-Auburn pheasant hunt

Yes, it’s competitive pheasant hunting. Are you saying that former football players from your state don’t get together to blow away birds? Apparently Auburn won, since the Alabama grad writing the story doesn’t say who did.

By the way, we don’t really hate Auburn. We hate Tennessee:

“I hated Tennessee 10 times worse than Auburn,” a former Tide player growled confidentially. Others confirmed that the late Paul “Bear” Bryant’s sentiments were much the same.

We have to live with Auburn people, after all.