Daily Archives: March 22, 2004

Still undead, not dead

Save ‘Angel’ Campaign Takes Flight

Teeny tiny little slivers of hope that Angel may get uncancelled in some form still exist. The odds are pretty long, but getting shorter.

Well, this is neat

2003 National Recording Registry – National Recording Preservation Board (Library of Congress)

The second year of the National Recording Registry has 50 new recordings. Of course, some of these aren’t really in any danger. For instance, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. Some others you’ve probably heard of: Chuck Berry, “Roll Over Beethoven”, Patsy Cline, “Crazy”, Johnny Cash At Folsom Prison, Marvin Gaye, What’s Goin’ On, Carole King, Tapestry, Bruce Springsteen, Born to Run.

I actually just cataloged one of the selections, Glenn Gould’s original recording of The Goldberg Variations. I have come to hate Glenn Gould, by the way, just by looking at his album covers. He has, or had (if he’s dead), that kind of face. I am done with Bach for now and have moved on to Beethoven. (Next, I assume, Brahms.) You know what’s fun? Cataloging Beethoven to the music of Jimi Hendrix.

Unusual punishment

nbc13.com – News – Lawmakers Want To Use Inmates To Care For Dead

If the chain gangs that Fob James resurrected weren’t enough, state legislators are planning to introduce a bill that would “let” prisoners clean up cemetaries, both public and private. I guess that at least they’ll get to go outside. There’s a zombie movie in this somewhere.

Jesus only had 12…

Moore supporters qualify as delegates to Republican Convention

The Roy Moore Cult wants to have at least 25 of Roy’s disciples among the 48 Alabama delegates to the Republican National Convention. That way they’ll have a say in what goes in the platform. What they want in the platform is the abolition of judicial review and the ever-popular anti-abortion plank. I dearly hope they get their wish. Really, I do. Let’s see how far the GOP can steer to the right.

Site update

bloghosts – reliable and affordable blog hosting

I should be changing over some time today or tomorrow. I think I’m going to do a completely new install, so the look of the site will probably revert to a basic MT template for awhile. Or maybe not.

I wanted to ask for a hand on something. How can I forward a page inside my domain? What I mean is I’d like to keep the warliberal.com/mt/blog address, since that’s where most people link to, but I’d like to forward warliberal.com to it. And I have no idea how to proceed.

Next up: recipes!

CNN.com – ‘Consumer-friendly’ fish list issued – Mar 21, 2004

The Federal government has issued a list of fish that we should eat and fish that some people shouldn’t eat because it’s high in mercury. Gosh, doesn’t the Federal government have the authority to keep fish from being sold if it’s poisonous?

Anyway, the fish known to be low in mercury are: shrimp (a crustacean, not a fish, but who’s counting?) canned light tuna, salmon, pollock, and catfish.

Better off dead

CNN.com – Hamas founder killed in Israeli airstrike – Mar 22, 2004

Good for the Israelis. I’m sure there are lots of comments elsewhere in the Blogosphere (for instance, you can always count on Laurence for unfettered glee) but you ever notice that Yassin looked like a cross between Castro and Khomeini?