Daily Archives: March 24, 2004

So guess who they invited?

Upcoming Prayer Breakfast Honors Israel, Holocaust Survivors

I really couldn’t make this stuff up:

Embattled former Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore and a survivor of the Nazi death camps will be among the featured speakers at the upcoming annual International Christian Prayer Breakfast in Honor of Israel.

Looking forward to seeing him try to convert an 75-year-old Holocaust survivor.

Resurrection Month continues

Off the Kuff: Undead lobsters!

Charles offered this up to me, but it was during the changeover… Frozen lobsters have, sometimes, been known to come back to life when thawed. It’s not that surprising. Insects can be flash-frozen and revive apparently none the worse for wear, and arthropods are arthropods. Still, maybe this can be marketed!

Unnatural litter

KKK fliers found on lawns spark Daphne investigation

The Klan put the fliers in those giveaway shopping papers and then delivered the papers. All they can be charged with is littering.

Natural litter

It’s a girl – times four!

Nobody cares about quadruplets these days. I mean, who hasn’t given birth to a litter of tiny, monkeylike offspring these days? The difference here is that the offspring in question were conceived without fertility drugs. Also, the mother weighed (pre-pregnancy) 95 pounds. Ouch.