Daily Archives: March 26, 2004

Better yet

Prosecutors seek to gag Scrushy lawyers

You could tie them up, their client too, and throw them in the Cahaba. That’ll shut them up.

Anyway, the Federal lawyers want Donald Watkins and the rest of the Scrushy team to shut up and stop tampering with the jury pool. For instance, Watkins went on the radio a couple of weeks ago and accused the prosecutor of going after Scrushy in order to get promoted to Federal judge. That sort of thing. On the other hand, shutting up Donald Watkins may be impossible.

Please, let it be so

Researchers find possible chink in HIV’s armor

Maybe, just maybe, researchers at UAB have found something that will help in the fight against AIDS. It appears that the virus, in its early stages of infection, might be more vulnerable to antibodies. (This might explain why infection rates for HIV are relatively low, and why it tends to attack those with already compromised immune systems. My speculation there.)