Daily Archives: March 28, 2004

Oh, no, not again

McKinney to run against Majette

Yeah, that’s the last thing we need, a Cynthia McKinney comeback. She’s running for the Democratic nomination. Her dad, always a go-to guy for a fun quote, says that Denise Majette “is Zell Miller’s and the Republicans’ candidate. We plan to run vigorously against Zell Miller, George Bush and Denise Majette.” Because there’s no difference between a centrist Democrat and George Bush, not to mention whatever the hell Zell Miller is.

Promises, promises

Hamas Leader Vows ‘Earthshaking’ Revenge

Yassin’s been dead since Monday, and you guys still haven’t done diddly. I’m sure there will be another attack, but it won’t have anything to do with Yassin’s death. Hamas is always trying attacks, but most of the time they fail.