Daily Archives: March 29, 2004

Gilbert or Sullivan

Oxford University Gilbert & Sullivan Society

I am slogging through a bunch of LPs, cataloging them just in case there’s a vinyl shortage or something. (Actually, for music department accreditation.) Anyway, there’s a few Gilbert & Sullivan operas (the D’Oyly Carte recordings) in the mix.

Now, when I put call numbers on the records I usually do it by author. It would look something like


But for G&S, do I use GILBERT or SULLIVAN? (No, they won’t both fit.) The Library of Congress considers Sullivan the primary author, and he did compose the music. But Gilbert usually comes first. I was convinced to go with Gilbert because people would look there first. I don’t know.

Department of bad symbolism

Vultures on a visit

Personally, if I were 83 years old and 100 vultures had decided to make my yard their winter home, I’d be just a little nervous.

I don’t think this is a good idea

Majette to run for Senate

I mean, I hope Denise Majette wins. (Assuming she gets the nomination, and I think she will considering the rest of the candidates.) But I don’t think she can. And by leaving her Congressional seat, she hands it back to Cynthia McKinney. That is not good.

I am particularly looking forward to seeing the wingers who loved Majette when she ran against McKinney turn on her for trying to hold a “Democratic” seat. I wonder which Republican Zell Miller will endorse.

That’s what they say now

Residents say dam collapse ‘imminent’

What do you want to bet that if the dam doesn’t collapse, they’ll claim they never said “imminent” at all?

Sorry, it was too easy.

Great moments in web polls

TideSports.com — Your complete Crimson Tide news source!

The Tuscaloosa News‘ Alabama sports section (registration required) has a poll with the question ” Who do you think will win the national championship?” They’re talking men’s basketball. There are five selections, Duke, UConn, Georgia Tech, Oklahoma State, and “Other”. The four schools are the only teams left in the draw, so “Other’ will take some doing.

Better yet, “Other” is leading Tech.

Introducing no-trawl zones

Ban on trawling pondered

In an attempt to preserve Mobile Bay, an agreement is being worked on that — should it succeed — ban large areas of the Bay to shrimp trawlers. Apparently (I didn’t know this but could have guessed) trawling does for sea bottom what clear-cutting does for forests.

Shrimpers, of course, don’t want any no-trawl zones. Conservationists and recreational fishermen want lots. Interestingly, it’s small-boat captains who are opposed to the closure. Large boats can’t get into the shallow areas of the Bay they’re talking about closing, and anyway if the ban went into effect they’d get larger shrimp. (The young shrimp live in the shallows, then move into the outer reaches when they grow up.)

More booze, please!

Sunday liquor sales on tap

In the ongoing fight against Alabama’s religiously-inspired petty repression, one of the more successful battles of late has been for Sunday alcohol sales. It’s such a dumb ban that only religion could inspire it. The state’s four largest cities, largest county, and a number of smaller municipalities now allow Sunday liquor sales, and a new bill in the legislature would allow more to join them.

26 counties still don’t allow any alcohol sales, by the way. Avoid these counties.