Daily Archives: April 2, 2004

Showtime is still around?

Masters of Disillusionment – Penn & Teller’s show explains why everything you know is wrong. By Dennis Cass

If you have Showtime, Penn & Teller opened the second season of their show Bullshit! by going after PETA, which surely deserves it.

Or possibly Visigoths

Vandals disable Tuscaloosa City school bus fleet

Really, were the Vandals any more destructive than the other Germanic barbarians who ravaged the Western Roman Empire? They really get a bad rap.

Anyway, of the 77 school buses in the Tuscaloosa City system, 52 are “disabled”. The Alemanni vandals smashed windows, scattered papers, and coated the seats with the contents of fire extinguishers. Other than the glass, things don’t actually sound that bad.

Nobody was on duty during spring break to watch over the buses. I’m assuming that’s at least one new job created this month.

Chinese Capital Scraps Bullfights

They were going to start the bullfights on, yes, May Day, but they were cancelled on the grounds that it would be seen as cruelty to animals. Members of the City Council said that the fights had “the potential to tarnish Beijing’s and China’s image,” so they’ve been replaced by students being run over by tanks. Sorry, no, they haven’t. I’m just saying that Beijing’s image is already pretty tarnished.

Degrading game show (Cable division)

VH1 Outing ‘Gaydar’ Pilot-

Supposedly, “celebrities” — meaning VH1 level celebrities, meaning, I guess, Hal Sparks and Michael Ian Black — will participate in a panel which will try to guess if contestants are gay. I guess that if the contestants successfully hide their orientation that they’ll win fabulous prizes. It’s dated today, so I suppose it’s for real.


Dallas Gathering Launches New Ten Commandments Rally Series

A religious publisher is planning a series of rallies around the country, starting tomorrow in Dallas, starring Alan Keyes and our own St. Roy Moore. The sponsor list is one of the scariest I have ever seen:

The American Family Association
Vision America
Focus on the Family
The Family Research Council
Free Market Foundation
Texas Home School Coalition

Yikes. They’re rallying, they say, for “judicial restraint”. Their kind of restraint.

Hail to the Chiefs

Alabama Judicial Building renamed for Heflin, Torbert

The de-Royified Alabama Judicial Building is now the Heflin-Torbert Judicial Building, named after two former Chief Justices who were never removed from office for putting themselves above the law. Howell Heflin, of course, later became a U.S. Senator; let’s hope Roy doesn’t follow in his footsteps.

Good news and bad news

U.S. job growth jumps after months of weakness – Apr. 2, 2004

On the other hand, the unemployment rate, which had been falling (mostly because of people giving up and leaving the workforce, not because of job creation) went up a point to 5.7 percent. That won’t continue if job creation in future months matches March, though.