Daily Archives: April 3, 2004

That’ll teach them

Officials seize 223 cell phones at school

School officials went, it seems, insane on Friday, seizing the cell phones at Ramsay High School. (Heck, when I went there for a semester, there were only about 300 students.) Apparently, it is a violation of school policy, but they went way overboard. A deactivated cell phone isn’t a problem for anyone; searching students for them is a major overreaction to a minor problem.

Alabama election preview

Moore backers seek Congress, court; Fuller challenges Rogers

As I’ve mentioned on separate occasions, there are primary challengers to two local Congressmen. In the Alabama 6th, where no Democrat can get elected, Republican Spencer Bachus has a challenge from his right, one of St. Roy Moore’s attorneys. In the 7th, the majority-black district where no Republican can get elected, Artur Davis has a challenge from his left, a county commissioner who’s the son of a well-known civil rights activist. In the 3rd, where there’s actually a chance someone from either party can get elected, my old buddy Bill Fuller (the DHR director who swore up and down there was nothing wrong in the handling of the Marta Alonzo case, then quit to become a missionary to Alonzo’s home country) is running as a Democrat against first-term Republican Mike Rogers.