Hey, everybody, let’s build a dome!

Proposed job tax, tag fees would fund dome, transit

The people who run Jefferson County are obsessed with building a domed stadium. It’s been voted down before, but that won’t stop them. Now they’re talking about raising car tag taxes and closing loopholes in the occupational tax in order to pay for it. Oh, they’re also talking about mass transit, but it’s really about the dome.


6 responses to “Hey, everybody, let’s build a dome!

  1. UA is in Tuscaloosa, right? UAB is hardly a football power, so cui bono if a domed stadium is built? The article doesn’t say why Birmingham needs one. Domedoggle!

  2. Linkmeister, the powers that be in Birmingham are trying to emphasize the non-sports aspects of the dome. They say it will attract trade shows and conventions from around the country. Their claim (which I think is a bunch of BS) is that the dome will be “Birmingham’s Mercedes.”

  3. I’m sure as soon as our sagacious mayor, Mike Dow, gets wind of this, he’ll want 1 too. And we can’t even keep the grass mowed down in Mobile.

  4. What “Alabama Politics” said. They do think that a dome could draw some sports stuff like NCAA tournament games and the SEC basketball tournament, an NFL exhibition game or something. Other than that, it’s a white elephant.

  5. Thanks, folks. Lemme tell you about Honolulu’s Convention Center, which is used some 1-2 months per year. I’m sure the Birmingham folks would love to come out here and consult with our people.

  6. These guys are doing their best to ensure continued steady growth in Shelby County, I see.

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