Daily Archives: April 9, 2004

Hello, Denver!

Ex-judge rips church-state restrictions

St. Roy spoke to his natural audience — 1,000 home-schooling parents and children. Insane money quote:

“It’s time to say enough is enough. It’s time to say no longer will we sit quietly by while our federal judges unlawfully and in violation of their oath of office take from us our right to acknowledge God.”

He’s just nuts, what else can I say? He was up there in support of, it seems, a traditionally bananas Republican Senate candidate. I would think that Republicans pretty much have the home-schooling vote sewn up.

I forgot about this

Draft Moore: The Web Site – A Draft Moore movement emerges. But who’s behind it? By Timothy Noah

Oh, yeah, I saw the Draft Moore website yesterday while Googling around. I probably should have linked it, but Tim Noah has the details.

Qu’est que c’est

Psychotic killer missing from Bryce

Michael Douglas Hart, who “killed his stepfather, buried parts of the corpse around Huntsville and then threatened to escape and kill the homicide investigators in the case” is missing from the state mental hospital in Tuscaloosa. And has been for two weeks. Thanks for telling us, guys!

So much for that

State panel approves social studies course

Date memorization or no date memorization, the new Alabama social studies curriculum was approved. (Over the objections of wingnuts who wanted the Bible included.) Something I didn’t know: the old course was rated third in the country. This one is supposed to be better.

Did Martha Quinn get nominated for an Oscar?

Filmmaker asks council to fund office

“Academy Award-nominated Birmingham filmmaker” Alan Hunter is asking the Jefferson County Commission to help create the “Birmingham-Jefferson Regional Film Office”. Hunter is better known to just about everyone as “Former MTV VJ” Alan Hunter.