Daily Archives: April 10, 2004

Know your party-switching rules

Governor presses for party-switchers

The official GOP rules on party-switching:

1. If Republicans change to being Democrats, they are foul monsters who subvert the will of the people.

2. If Democrats change to being Republicans, that’s great! Especially if that gives you control of the state Senate!

Sonny Perdue, himself once a Democrat, is trying to intimidate Georgia Democratic senators and representatives into changing parties.

Bugs Bunny to the rescue?

Hollywood asked save Tasmanian devil

Warner Brothers, which has made millions off of its “Tazmanian Devil” character, has been asked to contribute to saving the actual Tazmanian devil. The species has been devastated by an epidemic of — this is kind of disgusting — facial cancers. It seems to spread by a retrovirus and kills within a matter of months.

(Via Janis.)

He’s ours!

Judge sets Rudolph trial hearing for June

Eric Rudolph’s terror lawyers want his trial moved from Birmingham, and a judge has set a hearing for June 14 in Huntsville to hear their arguments. The terror lawyers say that “an unacceptable percentage” of jurors have already concluded his guilt. Well, he was seen leaving the scene, he did have materials identical to those used in the bomb in his truck and home, and he did run away to the woods and live in a hole in the ground for five years when the cops started looking for him. I can see why that might be considered prejudicial.

All I can say is that Eric’s got himself a few (mostly female) trolls who like to post here about how he’s innocent. And so cute!

Lawyers to shut up for a change

Scrushy case gets partial gag

Apparently the Scrushy defense team has decided that they don’t want too much of the case being tried in public after all and agreed to a partial gag order. This after, for example, claiming that prosecutors had used the President of the United States as a prop to drum up publicity for the indictment.

No wonder

Escaped killer eludes manhunt

Not only was the public not informed of the escape of a homicidal maniac two weeks ago, neither were the police. Apparently, a court issued a “pick-up order” but didn’t actually tell the Tuscaloosa police that they needed to be looking for the guy. He was put in the national database.