Daily Archives: April 14, 2004

Kill the Wabbit…

CNN.com – Wagner in your car? Don’t try it – Apr 14, 2004

A British survey claims that loud music causes accidents and that the most dangerous song is “Ride of the Valkyries”.

Thanks again, Roy

AP Wire | 04/14/2004 | Ten Commandments Battle to Cost Ala. $500G

Actually, $549,000 — the half mil in attorney’s fees and the rest in expenses. Roy Moore had claimed that the whole thing wouldn’t cost the state anything at all and that all the Granite Calf’s lawyers would be paid for by private donations. What he didn’t mention is the rule that when the state loses a suit claiming it violated theConstitution, it has to pay the plaintiff’s lawyers. St. Roy won’t pick up that bill.

I don’t actually hate Germans

It’s really just a coincidence that I’m the #1 Google hit for both Germans go home and I hate Germany. Really, it is.

Outraged out

Matthew Yglesias: Death Squads, Dude

L’Affaire Negroponte:

Not to beat a dead horse here, but I’m not seeing enough outrage here. Where are the liberal hawks and the neocons and even just the regular liberals (Kevin, Atrios, Josh, …)?

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m outraged out. I mean, you can only sustain so much outrage before you turn into Martin Sheen or somebody. Bush’s domestic agenda has had me on pretty much a sustained stutter since late 2002, at least. And he’s already appointed Negroponte once, and Elliot Abrams, and freaking Kissinger… So even appointing Mr. Death Squads Ambassador to Iraq only provokes an “Eh, typical” shrug at this stage.

Well, it’s a start

Senate committee approves moratorium on executions

Now, all sponsor Hank Sanders has to do is get the rest of the Senate to agree. And the House. And Governor Riley. While the AG Riley appointed is openly hostile to the very concept. Sanders has been sponsoring a moratorium bill since 2000 and this is the farthest it’s gotten. The committee also passed a bill outlawing the execution of anyone under 18; expect that one to get lots of opposition from bloodthirsty Republicans “victim’s rights” advocates.

Yet another Degrading reality show

Yahoo! News – New Reality Show Gives Exes Another Shot

The One That Got Away will feature seven women competing for the “love” of the same ex-boyfriend named “Skipper”.

He’s lost the AI-fan vote

USATODAY.com – ‘Idol’ and ’24’ fans annoyed at White House

“On the one hand, I’d like to think that the American president speaking is more important than a singing contest,” says Idol fan Sarah Brown, 23, of Muncie, Ind. “On the other hand, I can’t think of anything that President Bush could say right now that would make me want to tune in.”

Well, there is a war going on, but I see the point. Or, as another American Idol fan put it: “Clinton would never have done this!”