Krazy Kelly Kontinues

Disqualified candidate sues Republican Party

Wow, Kelly McGinley is suing someone. That never happens. Which for a given value of “never” (as in, “quite often, but not actually constantly) is true. Kelly, the “Christian Talk Radio Host”, was the plaintiff in one of the ridiculous pro-Roy Moore suits. Now she wants to run in the Republican primary for a state school board seat even though she isn’t, technically, a Republican but a Constitution Party supporter. She was disqualified for this reason. This gives the Republican incumbent a free pass, since he has no challengers in the primary and no Democrat is running. (Maybe the Libertarians have someone. They routinely run somebody in these unopposed races to get the votes from Yellow-Dog Democrats like me.)

Kristopher’s feeling is that “[I]f you’re going to run as a Republican, the Republicans do have the right of refusal for your place on the ballot.” I see his point, but taken to its logical extreme you wind up ripping the heart out of the primary process by giving the party elders the right to essentially appoint all their nominees. But I think Marty Connors is ultimately right for once: she should at least pretend to be a Republican.


2 responses to “Krazy Kelly Kontinues

  1. In a way I kind of admire the stance the Republicans have taken. The Libertarians on one end and the Fundamentalists on the other have long wanted to take over the Republican party. To paraphrase Winton Blount, “Let them get their own party!”

  2. I wouldn’t worry too much about Republicans (or Democrats, for that matter), abusing the right to keep people off the ballot. Any time a particularly popular person has a chance of getting the nomination and they are not allowed to participate, there is a vote-splintering independent candidacy in the making.

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