We’ll see if it’s enough

White House, under fire for overtime proposal, revises rules – Apr. 20, 2004

If you’ll recall, the Bush Administration had previously announced revisions to the overtime rules which would have removed overtime eligibility from as many as eight million white-collar workers.

The shift does allow “first responders” — police, firefighters, and various other emergency workers — to keep their eligibility. And it “allows” workers who make up to $100,000 a year to earn overtime. Except that it appears — from my reading — that it’s only actually guaranteed for those at $23,660 or under, and employers can still classify people who are actually rank-and-file workers as “administrators, professionals or executives” — and thus ineligible for overtime — which was I thought the main point of argument. You have a secretary you share with five other people and who doesn’t know your last name? You’re an “executive”. You have a college kid who does errands for you ten hours a week? That makes you an “administrator”. A terminal degree? Congratulations, you’re a “professional”.

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