Stay out of Vestavia, apartment scum!

Vestavia eyes buffer on Cahaba

In order to keep a developer from building — gasp! — apartments on a parcel of land on the Cahaba River, the city of Vestavia Hills (the wealthy-but-not-as-wealthy-as-Mountain Brook suburb of Birmingham) bought the property for $1.8 million. This was done explicitly for the purpose of keeping the riffraff out of Vestavia’s school system. I am not exaggerating, or casting false aspersions:

Council President Greg Canfield said deannexation would protect the Vestavia Hills school system from an influx of students from the apartments, but deannexation wouldn’t protect the environment.

They’re talking about the river. Protecting the river is nice, so a few brownie points there, but let’s face it — this is all about keeping the wrong kind of people — apartment people — out of Vestavia Hills.

(Full disclosure: my father lives in Vestavia Hills and my brother graduated from VHHS. A reader informed me of this [that is, of the story, not where my father lives or my brother went to school] last night, but unfortunately I don’t have his email here so hat tip, whoever you are.)


4 responses to “Stay out of Vestavia, apartment scum!

  1. Funny how the environment wasn’t a big concern to Canfield earlier:

    Posted on Tue, Oct. 21, 2003

    Vestavia Hills says development Cahaba River will be environmentally-safe

    Associated Press

    VESTAVIA HILLS, Ala. – The Vestavia Hills City Council Monday night unanimously approved a $120 million commercial project along the Cahaba River, a move that followed heated debate between environmentalists and the developer.

    Council members said they approved the 108-acre retail and office development because they felt the developer was taking special precautions to protect the river.

    “I have not yet seen a developer approach the city with this level of concern for the river,” said Council President Greg Canfield.

    The land along the river already was zoned to allow construction of apartments and offices, council members argued. The complex of office and retail buildings is planned for a spot between Interstate 459 and the Cahaba River in Vestavia Hills.

    The developer, Chris Matthews, has said the River Centre have environmentally-protective features, including a riverside buffer zone to complete protect native forest life.

    Environmentalists say they appreciate Matthews’ efforts, but not his choice of location.

    Some residents and environmental groups are worried the project will harm the river and nearby drinking water.

    “We have asked that the city work with the water board to buy this property, particularly the risky 20 acres right above the drinking water that is right above the apartments,” said Beth Stewart of the Cahaba River Society.

    City Attorney said that if Matthew doesn’t follow through with his promises to protect the river, the city will issue a stop work order.


    Any reason why the apartment complex couldn’t be designed similarly?

  2. Well, you know poor people. They’d probably get their cooties on the fish or something.

  3. One of your readers had to remind you where your Dad lives? And where your brother graduated HS?

    (sorry, got a bad case of the snark this a.m.)

  4. Okay, “of this story”. Happy?

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