Daily Archives: May 25, 2006

And yet Scrushy walks free

Enron Executives Guilty on Most Counts – Los Angeles Times

It’s really embarrassing for Texas to be tougher on its rogue executives than we are. Lay used the Scrushy defense to the letter, and yet he’s going to jail.


The ELT in the WP

Forget Politics. This Battle Is Personal.

Jeff Sessions, the Evil Little Troll, and his racist rantings, are highlighted in the Washington Post. He’s just insane about this immigration bill, which is a bad bill for almost the exact opposite of the reasons that he claims it is. I repeat: The US Senate is the dumbest national legislative body in the world, and Jeff Sessions is its dumbest member.

(Via Alablawg.)

Well, yeah

Prosecution says governor strove to help lobbyist

I mean, we know they say that — that’s why he’s charged with a crime. I don’t really have anything profound to say, I just love these headlines that convey no new information.

If I wanted to bank at Regions I’d bank at Regions

Regions, AmSouth to merge

Big news — not as worthy of screaming headlines as Taylor winning the talent show, but big news nonetheless — as Alabama’s two largest remaining banks are merging. It was expected that AmSouth or Regions would be a tempting takeover target for one of the outside big boys, especially since SouthTrust was bought by the ridiculously named Wachovia, but apparently they decided to join together instead.

Though it’s labeled a merger of equals, it appears that Regions will be up top, with its name for the larger company and its CEO in the senior position. Do I need new checks?

It’s going to lead to massive job cuts, especially in Birmingham. Their offices are in buildings downtown across the street from each other; a lot of the people in those buildings are going to get laid off. And a lot of their branches are in similar proximity and will close.