The ELT in the WP

Forget Politics. This Battle Is Personal.

Jeff Sessions, the Evil Little Troll, and his racist rantings, are highlighted in the Washington Post. He’s just insane about this immigration bill, which is a bad bill for almost the exact opposite of the reasons that he claims it is. I repeat: The US Senate is the dumbest national legislative body in the world, and Jeff Sessions is its dumbest member.

(Via Alablawg.)


2 responses to “The ELT in the WP

  1. I remember when he first took office and he was talking about eliminating the NEA. He said something along the lines of “The government shouldn’t be choosing which artists to support. That’s a matter for the people.”

    Well, just who does he think the Government is established of, for and by? Who does he think he represents in Congress?

  2. Mean and dumb. What a combination. And aren’t we proud…

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