Daily Archives: June 5, 2006

The old hurricanes home

5 deadly names retired

“Katrina”, “Rita”, “Dennis”, “Stan”, and “Wilma” will no longer be used as hurricane names. I was pretty sure about Katrina. The replacement names are “Katia” (?), “Don”, “Rina”, “Sean”, and “Whitney”.

Let’s just cancel the primaries then

al.com: Election

We can save money — they’ve already decided it’s Riley vs. Baxley. It’s unknown if Lucy will actually campaign against Riley or if she’ll hope he’s indicted too.

The really shocking news is in the Democratic AG race, where John Tyson is “virtually even” with Larry Darby, who is associated both with the “Atheist Law Center” and with the anti-Semitic fringe. I have to think people just aren’t paying attention to this race. Tyson better win, because I don’t want to have to vote for Troy King.