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So I went and voted. In my precinct, it appears t…

So I went and voted. In my precinct, it appears that most of the votes were in the Democratic primary — I’m in an odd place where most of the voters are Democrats but we’re for some reason in the Republican congressional district. I have never cast a meaningful vote in a US House race.

Anyway, the only race I really have strong feelings about is the AG race. Everybody, if you live in Alabama and you’re a Democrat, or willing to call yourself a Democrat for one day, please go out and vote for John Tyson Jr.

Normal from now on

Alabaster to limit outdoor water use as levels decline

Not that there’s any such thing as global warming, but the climate around here sure seems to be changing drastically. I like to say that Alabama is now transitioning into having Bangladesh’s climate. Lots of very hot, very dry weather, relieved only by the occasional monsoon — or in our case, hurricane. I’m actually kind of looking forward to it in a way.

Some are more upbeat than others

Candidates upbeat about vote

Sometimes it’s hard to be a candidate:

Gov. Bob Riley, former Chief Justice Roy Moore and Lt. Gov. Lucy Baxley each flew from one end of the state to the other.

Former Gov. Don Siegelman spoke outside the federal courthouse in Montgomery during a break in his corruption trial.

I didn’t even think about that. Siegelman is awfully good at the retail politics level, and he’s not getting a chance to practice it.

Anyway, everyone expects Riley and Baxley to win handily. Roy’s down about 40 points according to the polls; he claims to have secret voters but I don’t think there are possibly enough of them to make a difference. I don’t know if he’ll step aside or try to run a write-in candidacy as an independent.