Daily Archives: June 7, 2006

I don’t understand you people!

al.com: Elections

How is this possible?

Attorney General
2,119 of 3,240 Precincts Reporting

% of Total
John Tyson Dem 143,155 53.23%
Larry Darby Dem 125,784 46.77%

This is the sort of thing that turns sane people Libertarian. More in the morning.

Riley wins

al.com: Elections

No surprise. Looks like there was a “hidden” Roy Moore vote, but only enough to cut the lead from forty to thirty percent. The only other race that has been called statewide is Artur Davis’, who is running with over 90 percent.

Larry Darby is running with 45.53 percent of the vote in the Democratic AG primary. Nearly 65,000 Alabamians have voted for a Holocaust denier. I would be more worried if I thought more of them knew. On the other side, “Troy King” is winning with an even bigger margin than his boss despite being manifestly unqualified even after a couple years on the job.