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What candidate?

Pro-white candidate’s showing surprises political observers

The Mobile Press-Register uses the term “pro-white” in its headline; I don’t think I’ve seen it before. Anyway, Larry Darby is the scum of the earth. He is the closest thing to a Nazi that American politics is likely to throw up. I mean, look at this:

Still, Darby attributed his “strong showing” to people who identified with his message and platform of “dealing with the Mexican invasion” and fighting “for equal rights for European-Americans.”

44 percent of Democratic voters voted for him for Attorney General.

Why is this? I find it unlikely that an admitted atheist would be that popular — or that Holocaust denial is that impressive of a campaign issue. “Equal rights for European-Americans” certainly isn’t an attraction for many Democratic primary voters.

I think that the Democratic Party Chairman, Joe Turnham, has it right: Darby did so well because he was listed ahead of John Tyson Jr., because the ballot listed them in alphabetical order, and Tyson sat on his money (waiting for the November election) rather than spend anything on advertising.

I like Tyson. I think he’s about as good of a guy as we’re likely to get. And I like this statement:

Tyson said that as he continues his campaign, he may or may not be interested in attracting the Democratic voters who chose Darby.

“If people in north Alabama confused him with another family that’s very popular up there, then yes, I’d like to try,” Tyson said. “If they literally want to line the state with National Guardsmen and shoot to kill immigrants, then I’m not interested in that vote. If his votes are from people who deny the Holocaust actually occurred, I’m not terribly interested in those either.”

But he screwed up, and he should know that.

The last problem is that Joe Reed is an asshole. Reed, chairman of the Alabama Democratic Caucus (the largest black voters group) refused to endorse Tyson because he prosecuted the horrendously guilty but black school board member David Thomas and caused Thomas to plea to a felony. In other words, out of a fit of pique, Reed almost got a white supremacist the Democratic nomination for attorney general. Good one, Joe.


Many of them are stupid

Majority in state vote for Democrats

In four years, the Republican primary will probably see more voters than the Democratic for the first time. In a minute, I will talk about the stupid people.

The final martyrdom of St. Roy

Too much religion may have turned off voters – Tuscaloosa

That’s a bad sign, there, because religion is pretty much what St. Roy had going for him. It’s like saying that “Too much spastic behavior may have turned off moviegoers” about a Jim Carrey movie.

Two years ago — less than that, really, I remember conversations from spring of last year — Bob Riley was dead. He was a lame duck from the minute his tax plan went down to defeat — a defeat largely engineered by Roy Moore. The Business Council of Alabama was funnelling money to Lucy Baxley because they thought she was the only person who could stop Moore.

Now, Roy Moore is dead. He was slaughtered 2:1 in a head-to-head matchup with Riley in which he was never able to gain any traction on anything. I don’t think it was really “too much religion” so much as it was Riley Judo. Riley was able to use religion to his advantage, because he really is a religious guy, while at the same time he was able to look moderate to corporatist and suburban Republicans.

Whither Roy? I have no idea. He can try to rehabilitate himself, I guess, but his only elected ally (Tom Parker) is also out now after getting beat badly in the Chief Justice race. I think he might just fade away.