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He’s here, there, and everywhere

Heather Mills McCartney Suing Tabloids – Jun 13, 2006 – E! Online News

There is one constant in seemingly every scandal, including this one:

Two of the women are identified in the article as former prostitutes: Petrina Montrose says Mills participated in a threesome with her and a Saudi prince who paid Mills $10,000 for one night; Denise Hewitt says Mills engaged in a lesbian tryst with her. Another interviewee, Abdul Khoury, said to be a secretary for a billionaire arms dealer named Adnan Khashoggi, told the paper Mills was paid $12,000 by his boss.

Of course Adnan Khashoggi is involved.

What the US and Insane Saudi Clerics have in common

Hey, We Can All Agree To Hate Soccer TOGETHER! – Deadspin

Soccer is apparently against Allah. Frankly, I think this is just a plot to make us want to watch soccer to piss off the nuts, but it won’t work. I have my limits.


My Way News – S.C. Scientists Find New Shark Species

Don’t find new big fish species that often. Though it’s “genetically distinct” — indicating that at least it’s a separate breeding population from other hammerheads — I don’t know that it’s a “species” as normal people would think of it. They look like normal scalloped hammerheads and act like normal scalloped hammerheads and probably could mate with normal scalloped hammerheads — they just don’t.

(Thanks to Meryl.)