Daily Archives: June 22, 2006

This again?

BREAKING NEWS: Bryce patient walks off Tuscaloosa campus – Tuscaloosa

We had an actual homicidal lunatic walk off the Bryce Mental Hospital campus a couple of years ago — he wound up in Utah. (He didn’t kill anyone along the way.) I don’t know the details about this one yet. You would think that they would be more careful.

But There No Such Thing As Global Warming

al.com: NewsFlash – Study says Earth’s temp at 400-year high

By the way, why isn’t the first day of summer the hottest day of the year? Not that it wasn’t insanely hot yesterday — 101 degrees at 4:45 by my car thermometer.

Anyway, what will it take for the Republicans to admit that the Earth is warming? Does Florida have to actually be underwater? Does the entire western half of the country actually have to be on fire? Just tell me, and we’ll know when to plan for it.

UPDATE: Make that 2000 years.

In the tank

Inspectors add tankers to priority list

The crackdown —finally — on trucker legal violations has spread to tanker trucks. Seems like a good idea, what with the two bridges destroyed by tanker explosions. The tankers aren’t nearly as bad as the flatbed coil haulers. 120 coil haulers were inspected in the Birmingham area last week. 50 of them were placed out of service.

But truckers are special, holy drivers, who should not be subject to the law.

This is silly

Population loss could cost Birmingham federal money

You would think that the metropolitan population (still by far the largest in the state, and growing) would be more important. So what if Montgomery passes Birmingham in the city population? The only problem is that in a couple of decades they’ll have to start thinking about calling it the “Hoover-Birmingham Metropolitan Area”.