Daily Archives: June 26, 2006

Just give it a couple of months

Shrimp boats still stranded

There are still a bunch of shrimp boats that were grounded by Hurricane Katrina sitting inshore around Bayou La Batre. I say that at this point we might as well wait to see if the next hurricane will wash them out to sea.

Heil Kos!

American Prospect Online – The Blogofascistas

Mmmm… Fish Blood!

BBC NEWS | Health | Fishy start for low-fat ice-cream

So by using a protein from the blood of the “pout fish” you can lower the temperature at which ice crystals form, which somehow allows for the use of less cream or fat. So you can have low-fat ice cream if you don’t mind eating a little fish blood, I guess. And apparently we’re already doing this in the United States. Yummy!