Daily Archives: June 27, 2006

Tragic, really

CNN.com – Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription – Jun 26, 2006

It’s just awful that Rush Limbaugh can’t even go a few days in the Dominican (what exactly was he planning on doing during his vacation anyway?) without his Viagra. I’m sure that his inability to maintain an erection is already a cause of great humiliation, and there’s no need at all for the vipers of the liberal media elite and of the blogofascisphere to mock his flaccid man-parts.

Jerome Armstrong’s going down


It’s not so much the SEC stuff as it is the astrology. Maybe that’s my anti-pseudoscience bias showing, but astrology? Sheesh. Why not palm-reading? Or haruspicy? Anyway, it remains to be seen how much damage he does to Warner and Kos on his way.

Where’s Troy?

Relax voting oversight, official says

The Assistant Attorney General was sent to Congress to ask them to modify the Voting Rights Act to allow Alabama to make “minor” changes to voting procedures without Justice Department approval. (Because we’d never try to restrict black people from voting, not anymore, no sir.) So, where’s the Attorney General in all this? Was there an execution scheduled?