Tragic, really – Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription – Jun 26, 2006

It’s just awful that Rush Limbaugh can’t even go a few days in the Dominican (what exactly was he planning on doing during his vacation anyway?) without his Viagra. I’m sure that his inability to maintain an erection is already a cause of great humiliation, and there’s no need at all for the vipers of the liberal media elite and of the blogofascisphere to mock his flaccid man-parts.

3 responses to “Tragic, really

  1. Hang on a minute! Rush Limbaugh is not married, so why on earth would he need Viagra? His fundie listeners must be horrified at the thought that he would have sex outside the bonds of marriage. Or marriages, in his case.

  2. Well, I know why most people go to the Dominican– hookers. Come to think of it… how much is a flight to the DR?

    No seriously. The DR is even stricter on drug use than the US (believe it or not), so if he was there for some “recreation,” it was probably for the women. Of course, he may also like the food.

  3. The Truffle

    The sad part is, there are probably hookers desperate enough to give him dittohead.

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