Great, we get to do this again

Corruption trial jury still deadlocked

Unless someone gets sick and drops out of the jury, I doubt we’re going to get a verdict. It appears that the foreman is not happy with his fellow jurors:

The foreman sent a note to the judge late Tuesday afternoon complaining that some jurors had dropped out of talks after expressing a blanket belief in reasonable doubt.

Chief District Judge Mark Fuller did not read the note aloud, but excerpts were quoted in court. The foreman described some jurors as “lackadaisical” and said they “have shown no interest in continuing much discussion.

Well, can you blame them? The excitement of sitting around in a jury room all day would keep anyone from concentrating.

One response to “Great, we get to do this again

  1. e. nonee moose

    If you’re unemployed then sitting around all day in a cool room doing nothing and getting paid for it probably sounds like a pretty good deal…

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