Scrushelman conviction roundup NewsFlash – List of counts and verdict in Siegelman trial

Okay, no RICO conviction, and Siegelman was actually acquitted on most of the charges. (He will spin this as vindication.) I count seven convictions, 25 acquittals. Six of the convictions were on HealthSouth/Scrushy related charges; the other had to do with the Siegelhog. Unimportant people Hamrick and Roberts were acquitted of all charges. (Hamrick thanked the jury.)

The Scrush, meanwhile, was convicted of all charges — six of them. I guess they’re the mirror of what Siegelman was convicted of. NewsFlash – Convicted in bribe scheme, Scrushy facing more HealthSouth trials

And we’re not done yet! Civil trials in Birmingham coming up. I hope they don’t wind up garnishing his cigarettes. I really hope that when he testifies (he can’t duck it in a civil trial) they bring him into the courtroom in leg irons. One of the lawyers representing shareholders is Doug Jones, who was also at one time a member of the Siegelman legal team. It’s a fairly small legal community. The Scrush was modest as ever in speaking about his conviction:

Speaking with reporters outside court, Scrushy said he was “very hurt” by the conviction.

“It’s a sad day in this country,” he said. “We intend to continue the legal process until we’re fully vindicated and cleared on all these charges. We believe that our day will come.”

The whole country is saddened, Dick. Really it is.


2 responses to “Scrushelman conviction roundup

  1. Siegelman: (with apologies to one of his frequent campaign boasts), “First I lost the race, and then I lost the case.”

    Reports I’ve seen said Siegelman was found guilty on 10 counts.

  2. “The jury completely ignored the dream of Dr. King,” Scrushy also said. “By sending a rich white guy to prison on charges of corporate fraud, they have shown a contempt for the African-American experience in this country. It seems America still has a long way to go.”

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