Butting in

Scrushy blasts verdict

Of course he does. What else is he going to say? But I have to share this:

“This is the worst miscarriage of justice since General Sherman burned Atlanta,” his attorney, Terry Butts, said angrily following the verdict.

Really? The worst miscarriage of justice in 141 years? Not to mention that Atlanta clearly had it coming.

4 responses to “Butting in

  1. e. nonee moose

    I don’t know all the lawyers involved in this but Siegelman has one who is just a total doofus. He’s the one that wears the stupid looking bow tie all the time. With lawyers like that how can you expect to win any kind of case?

  2. Susan of LocalTint

    Wait a minute. Are they appropriating the cause of the Antebellum South or of Civil Rights activitists? ‘Cause I believe both logic and decency require that you choose only one.

    Oh well, why bother with logic and decency this late in the game.

  3. Trying to manipulate the black people on this jury didn’t work, so they’ll work on the white confederacy-lovers for the next jury.

  4. This is the worst? best? combination of analogies since “that boy can play guitar like a scalded dog…!”

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