Monthly Archives: June 2006

It could be worse

State mistakenly moves primaries to February 2008 – Tuscaloosa

They could have moved them to the wrong year, I guess. Anyway, intending only to move the presidential primaries to February, the legislature accidentally moved all the primaries to February. And they left the runoff day in June, which would mean a five-month runoff campaign. Also, the day they chose is Mardi Gras, which is a holiday in Mobile and Baldwin counties.

Senatoring ain’t easy – Senator seeks tax on pimps, prostitutes – Jun 28, 2006

Sheesh. Whatever happened to federalism? I guess it doesn’t count when sex is involved.

Perpetrator charged with murder, second-degree irony

Man killed blocks from site of anti-crime rally

I joke, of course. They didn’t catch the guy.

State finally says enough

State set to check trucks’ routes

After two more trucks — trucks owned by a single company — dropped loads of steel on the interstate on Monday, the state has decided to start checking trucks heading into the I-65 and I-59/20 interchange. The truckers know they’re not supposed to go through downtown Birmingham, but they do it anyway. They also know that they’re supposed to secure steel coils, but they’re busy people.

Great, we get to do this again

Corruption trial jury still deadlocked

Unless someone gets sick and drops out of the jury, I doubt we’re going to get a verdict. It appears that the foreman is not happy with his fellow jurors:

The foreman sent a note to the judge late Tuesday afternoon complaining that some jurors had dropped out of talks after expressing a blanket belief in reasonable doubt.

Chief District Judge Mark Fuller did not read the note aloud, but excerpts were quoted in court. The foreman described some jurors as “lackadaisical” and said they “have shown no interest in continuing much discussion.

Well, can you blame them? The excitement of sitting around in a jury room all day would keep anyone from concentrating.

Tragic, really – Limbaugh held for having Viagra without prescription – Jun 26, 2006

It’s just awful that Rush Limbaugh can’t even go a few days in the Dominican (what exactly was he planning on doing during his vacation anyway?) without his Viagra. I’m sure that his inability to maintain an erection is already a cause of great humiliation, and there’s no need at all for the vipers of the liberal media elite and of the blogofascisphere to mock his flaccid man-parts.

Jerome Armstrong’s going down


It’s not so much the SEC stuff as it is the astrology. Maybe that’s my anti-pseudoscience bias showing, but astrology? Sheesh. Why not palm-reading? Or haruspicy? Anyway, it remains to be seen how much damage he does to Warner and Kos on his way.