Daily Archives: July 7, 2006

I was sad until I met a man with no shoes, so I set a shoe warehouse on fire

Officer says shoe warehouse fire meant as attack on homeless man

Apparently, the idea was to set the man’s belongings on fire, but they overshot a little and burned a million pairs of shoes. Oops! Apparently, the homeless man, “Bessemer Bo”, had beaten a woman up a few weeks prior, so the woman and her boyfriend decided to retaliate.

If it isn’t working, change the name

New name sought for Cooper Green

Why change the name of the Cooper Green hospital in Birmingham?

The Jefferson Metrocare change is part of Cooper Green’s efforts to attract patients with insurance and to improve the hospital’s overall appeal, said Dr. Sandral Hullet, Cooper Green’s chief executive.

“We’re trying to change things and make it more inviting,” Hullet said of the renovations. “Cooper Green has a stigma that people who go there have no money, and that’s not necessarily true.”

Actually, it does have a stigma — that people who check in there are awfully prone to never checking out, except by checking out, if you catch my meaning. The basic point is that nobody goes to Cooper Green if they have a choice in the matter, and they can change the name to the Mayo Clinic and that won’t change.