Daily Archives: July 10, 2006

Yay, scantily clad female athletes!

Beach comes to Hoover

Well, sort-of. Hoover’s 250 miles inland. They’re having a professional “Beach” Volleyball tournament at the baseball stadium. Technically it’s more “Sand” volleyball, what with there being no water.

¿Quién es más diabólico?

A famous name vs. deep pockets as Wallace and Strange face off

I really haven’t given the Republican Lt. Gov. race the attention it deserves. On the one side, you have George Wallace Jr., the much reduced copy of his legendarily monstrous father, who has embraced as much of that legacy as is politically feasible to do in 2006. On the other side, you have Luther Strange, who is probably a supervillain, what with his name and vast resources and partnership in objectively evil law firm Bradley Arant Rose & White and being six foot nine. So it’s loads of fun. Both sides are employing the time-honored Republican tactic of claiming the other guy is secretly a liberal, but unfortunately they’re both lying.