Daily Archives: July 19, 2006

Boom times for churches

Police, fire officials believe explosion was accidental

Somehow, a kid “wandered into a mechanical room” of a campus ministry, which caused the ministry to blow up. You may recall that during the reign of terror of the Three Duhmigos in February that a religious-supplies warehouse and a campus ministry in Tuscaloosa had accidental fires. Apparently, if you wait long enough you don’t even have to set a church on fire, it’ll go up on its own.

Strange Days

al.com: NewsFlash – AL Primary Highlights Box,2nd Ld Writethru

Probable supervillain Luther Strange beat Little George Wallace, pretty handily.

Final but unofficial results from District 54 have Patricia Todd narrowly winning, meaning she should be the state’s first openly gay legislator. However, the margin is only 1173-1114, so a recount may happen.

It seems unlikely…

al.com: NewsFlash – Todd seeks to become possibly first openly gay state legislator

But if Patricia Todd wins the runoff in District 54 tonight, she should be in the legislature, because there’s no Republican candidate. Frankly, just getting this far was a surprise, not just because she’s gay but because she’s white in a majority-black district.