Daily Archives: July 23, 2006

What public perception?

In addition to crime, Nunn fights public perception

The perception that violent crime is out of control on Birmingham’s streets? That only a fool ventures there after dark? That the police in general and she in particular have no clue as to how to combat it? That the best idea anyone has is a reading program?

Birmingham is not alone. Cities across the country are experiencing a surge in violent crime: National Guard troops were asked to patrol New Orleans, and the D.C. police chief recently declared a “crime emergency.” According to FBI preliminary statistics released in June, violent crime in the United States rose 3 percent in 2005, the largest one-year increase since 1991.

Let’s see… We have one city where the National Guard was called out because of a massive hurricane (even President Bush has heard about that now) and another city that’s been notoriously violent for decades now. Some company.

Scorned again

al.com: NewsFlash – Democrats: Move up Nev., S.C. in presidential nominating calendar

Though we could always move it up on our own, I guess.