That’s what it does

Drought slams farms

There Is No Such Thing As Global Warming, of course, but the people who say that it’s not financially feasible to do something about it (if it existed) pretend that there’s no economic cost from it. But tell that to the corn farmers of Alabama, who are looking at harvesting 25 bushels of corn per acre; in a good year, it would be 150. And much of what they do harvest is fit only for animals. Though the way things are going, we’ll probably be happy for whatever we can get.

4 responses to “That’s what it does

  1. walt moffett

    But how does it affect the Chilton County Peach crop? Its not a crisis until we hear from them.

    On a serious note, where are all the tropical storms (which bring much needed rain and send me to Biloxi to patch Mom’s roof) they promised?

  2. Susan of LocalTint

    “On a serious note, where are all the tropical storms…they promised?”

    Good question. I don’t mind rain in the least. Cools things off. But there’s always a downside, of course (in this case, vulnerable populations being left to fend for themselves in natural disasters of historic scale).

  3. Three tropical waves in the Atlantic and Caribbean… Checking… No, there are five now. Only one seems likely to make it to tropical depression status, though.

  4. walt moffett

    Maybe we’ll get some rain after all. Will be too late to save the cash crops though.

    August is always the busy month for hurricanes and now would be a good time to stock up on tarps, gas cans bug repellent, plywood and nails.

    There is also a bright side to hurricanes, developers think downtown Dubuque would be a better place for a new condo.

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