Daily Archives: August 1, 2006

That’s nothing

CNN.com – Tropical Storm Chris heads for Leeward Islands – Aug 1, 2006

You know what’s going on in the Pacific? Tropical Storm Fabio, that’s what. Fabio! I am convinced that the NWS is giving these storms goofy names to make us relax our guard.

No relation, seriously!

WSJ.com – ABC Pulls Plug On Gibson Project About Holocaust

ABC: “No, we didn’t even know about the whole drunken anti-Semitic ‘sugartits’ thing! It’s totally unrelated!”

There are certain problems with this

Cooper Green closes clinic in Bessemer

They’re directing patients to their clinic in Fultondale. I don’t know if this will work, but I’m trying to link to a map.

From Bessemer AL to Fultondale AL

Assuming that the link works, you will notice that Fultondale is on what is technically called the other side of Birmingham from Bessemer, and is some 20 miles away on the interstate, assuming that the interstate hasn’t been blown up by a truck accident that day.

Now, they didn’t have much choice, as the air conditioning at the Bessemer clinic is broken and therefore the place is uninhabitable. But Fultondale? That’s the best they can do? I used to live in Bessemer, and when I was young I had only the vaguest idea where Fultondale was. I knew that somewhere on the other side of Birmingham there were several towns with “Dale” at the end of their name and it was one of them. Which was Fultondale and which one was Forestdale, Gardendale, Avondale… Who knows?

But of course

Black Belt antebellum charms lure new settlers

Who hasn’t been charmed by the grandeur of slavery-era cotton plantation houses? Charms.